Genevo – Trinity 3.0 database Membership UK – Lifetime


Trinity 3.0 Database Coverage & Models

  • UK and Ireland
  • Genevo MAX
  • Genevo Pro 2
  • Genevo One M
  • Genevo One S


Genevo – Trinity 3.0 database Membership – Lifetime

Lifetime unlimited updates for UK

What benefits does Trinity 3.0 Membership offer me?

  • Exclusive UK Database – Updates via Windows PC & Mac
  • It’s easy to update your device with the latest information via your Windows PC & Mac
  • International coverage
  • We have camera and safety locations for many countries around the world. And our database team makes sure we verify 100% of this data.
  • Multi directional alerts
  • The Trinity 3.0 database not only contains safety alerts for red light camera intersections, but will also tell you whether or not your approach direction is ticketed.
  • Micro alerts

Exclusively for Trinity 3.0 devices, micro alerts can give enhanced details on the exact location of the camera , making alerts much easier to understand.